InASense, Lost… The Snuggie Sutra

I love me my Snuggie.  As a matter-of-fact, I’m wearing mine as I type this.”  I’ve worn it in a pub crawl in NYC, and I’ve wanted to wear it in a pub crawl in Seattle.

But as per usual, if something shakes me at my core (or in this case makes me shiver in my Snuggie), I must stand atop my mountain blog and proclaim it to the world to inform and warn about it.  This time, it’s the Snuggie Sutra.


Based on the Kama Sutra, the ancient Indian sex guide (like how The Joy of Sex bent over spoofed The Joy of Cooking… and the Kama Sutra), the Snuggie Sutra offers up suggestions for couples, depending upon whether you’re blue or pink, or your Snuggie is blue or pink (or green or zebra), it looks… hot.

And I don’t mean the way you think… **


Me typing in my Snuggie (watching the Colbert Report)

**(Or maybe I do.)