Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? It’s Always (Almost) Child Star Directors In Philadelphia

If you’re not watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you’re missing out.  In its fifth season, this FX comedy never fails to make me LOL… srsly.

(SIDENOTE: The overuse of LOL pisses me off, because very often, I don’t think people are really Laughing Out Loud.  GMS might be more accurate, as in, Gets Me Smiling.  Or TTWH – Thought That Was Humorous.  Or simply S, for S’a’ight.)

Anymilksteak, there’s a trend amongst directors on that show, and I wonder if that plays any part in its biting sensibilities.

POP QUIZ!  What do these guys (Matt Shakman, Fred Savage, and Jerry Levine) have in common?

I just gave you a clue.  They’re some of the directors on Always Sunny.  But as you can also see, they were all child(ish) actors.  Shakman was on Just the Ten of Us, Savage was on The Wonder Years, and Levine was in Teen Wolf, amongst other things (including a TGIF show on ABC that replaced Just the Ten of Us).

This leaves me to wonder… what are their sensibilities behind the camera?  Does the show seek out the directing talent of failed former famous Actors! because they bring experience?  Or does the show succeed because the directors are failed former famous Actors! (because writing has nothing to do with it, right… TTHW)?

(SIDENOTE TOO TWO: There is always a third scenario – the Actors! are simply following the career paths of those before them, i.e. Jodie Foster, Sean Penn, and the king, Ron Howard.  But that’s neither here nor there, nor Coinkydink nor Coinkydonk.)

Another of the show’s directors (and Actors!) is David Hornsby.  He got his start on the fake reality show (which GMS on so many levels), The Joe Schmo Show, and since then he’s had limited success until Always Sunny.  His co-star on that show fared a bitter better…

So let’s get down to brass tacks (a phrase I’ve been hearing more frequently, and that’s S)…

BONUS COINKYDINK OR COINKYDONK: Some of the previous CorC‘s flow into one another.  Sam Jones was in Smallville, which was produced by Jeph Loeb, whom wrote Teen Wolf which featured Jerry Levine.  Consider your mind blown…