Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? Oxycodone + Morons = Oxy-Morons

Meet the Oxy-Morons:

Smallville's Sam Jones & Bog Brother's Adam Jasinski

Smallville's Sam Jones & Big Brother's Adam Jasinski

I don't oxycodone the abuse of prescription medication.

I don't oxycodone the abuse of prescription medication.

Within 24 hours, it was announced that two former “tv stars” were picked up by the DEA in connection with buying and selling oxycodone AKA oxycontin AKA hillbilly heroin AKA Rush Limbaugh’s best friend.

Sam Jones played young Superman’s best friend in the first three seasons of Smallville, and Adam Jasinski played “Baller” on the ninth season of Big Brother.

Jones was picked up in Los Angeles and had in his possession 10,000 pills; Jasinski was picked up North Reading, Massachusetts with 2000 pills, which he purchased with the half-million dollars he won on the summer long show.

What’s the connection that makes this a possible Coinkydink or a possible Coinkydonk?

The fact that they happened so close together, people.  Isn’t that enough?

How weird is it that the DEA targeted two individuals selling hillbilly heroin in two different states with two different amounts in their possession?  How weird is it that they were featured in two different shows on two different networks and that were opposite styles (sci-fi drama and reality)?

Jones could have been the Hollywood mastermind, a real-life villain if you will.  And he used his connections to lure the champion Jasinski that just won $500,000 to distribute pills in a sorta small town.

Real-life villain… Superman meets reality tv… small town… North Reading like Smallville… the feds are watching… Big Brother has cameras everywhere… their last names both start with JJor-El is Superman’s father’s… Julie Chen hosted Big Brother… anything?

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