I hope the brown mush being thrown around is chocolate cake...

I hope the brown mush being thrown around is chocolate cake...

Considering today is this website’s first birthday, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than having as many people take today off of work as possible.  Great job to everyone who skipped their great jobs!  (Government workers and bankers seemed to get away with this a little easier than others, for some reason.)

Some quick stats for the site:

  • There are 517 total posts.  (518 after this one…)
  • The most posts in one day: 6 (October 22… there were many four-post days in the beginning)
  • The least posts in one day: 0 (October 18 and April 10)
  • Most hits in one day: 261 (May 4, because of this post)
  • Most hits in one month: 2998 (January)

This site was started out of boredom at work mostly.  Last October, no clients were calling, and I used “learning how to blog” as my reason to get more hours at work.

The bulk of the categories at the left were there from the beginning.  The first appeared on October 14th: In My Brain While Sleeping, Happy Find, and InASense, Lost.

The last category came to be on July 30th: The Shit To Just Shitty. It was about director Chris Columbus.
Hey wait, that reminds me of my first JusWondering post about Columbus Day.
Hey wait, is that why everyone was able to skip work for the party?

Seriously though… thanks to everyone that has ever stopped by (and continues to stop by for some reason)!  I wouldn’t be able to do this without you!

Well I could, but where’s the fun in that?