I Am Thankful For… Boston Eco Pods

I wonder if Eco Pods make good echoes...

I’m environmentally conscious.  I don’t pollute, and my biggest pet peeve is polluters.  Whether it’s plastic CD wrappers being dropped walking out of stores, fast food bags being tossed out car windows, or emptied glass bottles being left in parking lots, my blood instantly boils.  I’m not perfect in the green department, but in this regard, I mark myself an emerald shade.  (I even changed one of my friend’s littering ways.)

Not to be outdone, this is filled with marijuana plants.

So I’m always looking for ways to improve, and it appears the city of Boston is, too.  An architecture firm and science lab teamed up to produce the above…

…a vertical tower of prefabricated “eco pods” filled with bio-fuel producing algae for the space. The new tower would act as a center to test new algae species and different growing methods.  (via Inhabitat)

Even though I truly despise Boston’s sports teams (I’ve mentioned it before), I really liked Boston Legal.  And now I’m in favor of the sci-fi flavored forward-thinking that’s going on there.  Perchance the developers bring such technologies to Detroit?  We have tons of abandoned buildings.

Do you think robot arms are ticklish?

P.S. I also hold this against Boston…

Self-Titled Boston Rob: World-Titled Survivor Douche