I Am Thankful For… Otherworld


"Hey would you like to swing on a star..." Oh no wait, that's the theme from "Out of This World"

…or should I say, “I am thankful someone else has heard of Otherworld.”  In the days since the TripleDoubleU has taken its foothold as our MRS (memory replacement system), there are few things I cannot find any mention of out there via Google. 

Unfound(dead) Item #1 – Fender Bender ring anyone’s bells? 
Unfound(dead) Item #2 – Anyone else ever hear that John Williams reversed a song he wrote to make the Star Wars theme (other than the Indiana Jones theme which is the dumbest rumor I ever heard!)?

Anydogpile, I remember Otherworld for only one thing – everyone there was primarily left-handed.  Nobody on all the other blogs I checked mentioned that.  Oh well.  It existed.  You can watch all eight episodes from the 1985 show here.  Or just watch the intro and end below.  Or do nothing but dream about turkey.  This was my Thanksgiving miracle, not yours, so I’d understand.  Jerk.