I Am Thankful For… Alison Brie

There are three phases to my gratitude for the lovely Alison Brie.

1) As Trudy Campbell on Mad Men, she first caught my attention.  Playing a put-upon cuckquean, she somehow reminded me of a real-life Disney Princess that realized wishing gets you nowhere.  And oh how I wish to meet her! she was on Saturday Night Live instead of co-star January Jones!

His disregard for her feelings makes me a mad man!

2) As Annie Adderall Edison on Community, she wriggled further into public awareness in a more notable role.  And she’s also proved she’s funny.  And funny goes a lot further in the cute department, of which she’s the manager.

Will she end up with Troy, Jeff, or the entire Community?!?

3) And of course, there’s always this case study in stunning black and white…

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