Musical Musings… It’s Almost As If These CD Covers Are Telling A Story

Just sit right back and y’all hear a tale…

"Go on... I'm listening... or should I say, play on?"

…about a woman who had a dream…

"Tis true. I did dream a dream. And I sang what I sing. Plus I ate what I eat."

…that this strange creature came from another world…

"I am here for only one thing - your entertainment. Possibly via my _____."*

…and there was this cop that was trying to stop the blue haired extra-terrestrial,
but he feared he was starting to feel… something more.

"Is it crazy to think... that I might be... in love? And also, don't I kind of look like Michael J. Fox in this picture?""

*The tale of course for adults, and therefore rated…

"Isn't it weird almost everyone has a hand or two on their face?"

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