All I Want For Christmas Is… Condorman On DVD (Also Acceptible – Yor: The Hunter From The Future)

I should have included this song on my list of memorable movie music, but it is not remembered by many other than me.

Walt Disney released Condorman in theaters in 1981, and I don’t think I saw until it arrived on VHS a few years later.  It was back when Disney released movies on those white clamshell cases that had stickers… not slip sheets like the later stuff did.

The later stuff

Apparently, the DVD was released by Anchor Bay 10 years ago, and since then has gone out of print.  Used editions go for $40, while new ones go for $85-150!

So I guess my wish would more accurately be – PLEASE RE-RELEASE CONDORMAN ON DVD!  Last year, when all I wanted for Christmas was that Parker Lewis Can’t Lose to get released on DVD, I never thought it would come true so soon!

If Condorman is unlikely, then I have a second option… Yor: The Hunter from the Future. That hasn’t been released on DVD in the U.S. at all, so how about a little love?