InASense, Lost… Struts, By Playmates

A picture is worth one-thousand words (and sometimes 1002).  I’ll let this picture speak for itself:

"A horse is a whore, or course, of course..."

Apparently, Struts (yup, that’s what these My Little Slutty Ponies are called) have been available for awhile now, but I’d only recently stumbled upon them. 

Created by Playmates Toys (a company name that always sent my mind to land of Hugh Hefner), the Struts are meant to evoke another questionable toyline – the infamous Bratz dolls.

What’s next?  Teddy bears in teddies?  (For other teddy bear atrocities, click here.)

NOTE: I made this while at work. Thankfully, no one stopped by my desk.

Vibrating Harry Potter Broomsticks came out few years ago, so what’s next,  Play-Doh dildos?!?

Somebody's head surely rolled at Hasbro for this one (or squeezed out purple junk)

Overheard by someone behind my desk: “Why has Sean passed out?  And what’s with this teddy bear in lingerie?!”

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