Degrees Of Happy Finds

The Wonder Bread Years

There are degrees to which I get happy about my Happy Finds.

For websites such as Celebrity School Pics, it makes me more sad than happy to find out they have a section devoted to porn stars… so this non-charting Happy Find would be a Meh Find.

Then there are sites like Bread People that entertain me, but not for long, like a pita roll compared to a baguette, so they merit the most generic of Happy Finds.  What else could set the bar other than bread humor?

Memba this?

Pica Pic can be considered an Excited Happy Find because sites like it provide unlimited interactivity… until you get bored with its unlimited interactivity.  There’s a reason Nintendo stopped making Game & Watch… and most recently it’s called the 3DS.

The last level of Happy Find is the Ultimate Happy Find.  It usually ends up relating to a site full of videos, and tends to be updated somewhat regularly.  It likely has misses, but there are enough hits to keep you coming back.  One example might be Bad Lip Reading.  Check out this sample:

InASense, Lost… Ben Wa, Done That (Not Really…)

A little joke recently went by me on FX’s Archer that as a scourer of the TripleDoubleU, I should have known.

It's as if they're standing over me, staring in disbelief...

It involved a character that Archer was dealing with named Benoit.  Anytime someone mentioned his associate’s name, Archer would exclaim this:

Benoit balls!

I had no idea why he kept doing this, so I brought it up to some friends, and I learned what Ben Wa balls really were.  I’ll let you click the link.

The problem that remains is we have a new Detroit Tiger named Joaquin Benoit, and every time the announcers mention his name, I can’t help but to think…

Ben Wa balls? How about Benoit strikes!

InASense, Lost… Is The Next Big Thing? Really?

To begin, anyone remember Google Wave?  It was the giant’s attempt to get a foothold on the social networking scene, and it was one huge misstep*.

Welcome to the latest entry in the monkey house…

Their website. Dramatically lacking an array of color.

The concept is simple in the evolution of the scene.

  1. MySpace rips off Friendster.
  2. Facebook perfects MySpace.
  3. Twitter pares down Facebook.
  4. Color pares down Twitter and Facebook.

It’s just pictures.  Flickr for the instant mobile set.  (Should have been called Blinkr.)

Here’s the founder of Color discussing it, I guess (I didn’t even watch it):

So the question that remains – am I going to install the app on my iPhone?  Probably.  Seeing as how I dragged my feet on theTwitter thing years ago, and I eventually signed up.  Top that with the fact that I recently (finally) setup a Facebook account (accidentally if you believe me), there’s no stopping me now.

…I’ll let you know how it is as soon as WordPress figures out a way for me to promote this blog on it.


Happy Find… Famous Last Words Mashup

There have been a lot of these made over the [choose your own increment of time passed]*, and I only present this one to you because of the awesome [choose your own segment of the following video]**.

(via Screen Junkies)

*I chose “months.”

**I chose “ending.”  I mean, c’mon…  Troll 2 and The Room?!  It gives me a [choose your own physical reaction].

Hibbidy-Wah?! File This Under “Why?”

Hipsters are fond of mustaches.  Cars… mmm, not so much.  Cars aren’t fond of mustaches, I mean.  Well I guess hipsters aren’t that fond of cars either…

This VW wisely avoided "The Adolf"...

Allow me to introduce the Carstache.  I figured it’s fair game after already sharing CarLashes.

What’s next?

Car perms?

Car comb overs?

Car soul patches?

Car beards?

I found this while double-checking for "car beards."

Awful/Awesome Battle… I Dare You To Watch One And I Hope You Enjoy The Other

If you can make it all the way through 35+ minutes of this, you will no doubt be rewarded with some humor, but you may also be rewarded much fatigue.

If you watch it in its entirety, please comment below, and point out which of the 100 ways to love a cat are the funniest.

I’ll admit it – I’ve only jumped around.  35 minutes is about 34 minutes too long for a YouTube video to me.  But of what I have seen, I chortled…

On the other hand, this show debuts as a midseason replacement on NBC, and it reeks of potential, if that’s a polite thing to say.  I know it’s four minutes longer than my usual liking, but after trying the above video out, it didn’t seem so bad.

Plus, Olivia Munn is purdy.

The only question that remains – if Perfect Couples premieres on Thursdays, does that mean my Parks and Recreation won’t be coming back?