InASense, Lost… Ben Wa, Done That (Not Really…)

A little joke recently went by me on FX’s Archer that as a scourer of the TripleDoubleU, I should have known.

It's as if they're standing over me, staring in disbelief...

It involved a character that Archer was dealing with named Benoit.  Anytime someone mentioned his associate’s name, Archer would exclaim this:

Benoit balls!

I had no idea why he kept doing this, so I brought it up to some friends, and I learned what Ben Wa balls really were.  I’ll let you click the link.

The problem that remains is we have a new Detroit Tiger named Joaquin Benoit, and every time the announcers mention his name, I can’t help but to think…

Ben Wa balls? How about Benoit strikes!

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