Musical Musings… Country Music Ain’t What It Used To (Stereotypically) Be

I finally got Sirius XM a few months ago, and as it goes with most new technologies that I drag my feet on, I don’t know how I lived without it.

(SIDENOTE: I’m still unsure how I feel about Facebook.  It reminds of the last fifteen minutes of LOST when everyone finds each other in “heaven” against all odds.  Have I mentioned how much I hate the last fifteen minutes of LOST?)

That being said, I bounce around the stations.  Whereas I used to have about 10 terrestrial channels, I now have an additional 10 solid satellite ones, if not more.  So for me to stumble across a crossover country song isn’t that unusual.  What is unusual is this song by Tim McGraw called Felt Good on My Lips:

That’s country music?  I mean, yeah, there’s still the omnipresent xenophobia, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard a good ol’ boy recite these kind of lyrics:

She ordered us a drink
It was a purple kind of pink
She said it’s got a shot of a little bit of everything
Mellow yellow umbrella for a fella like me
It was just a bit mellow for me to be seen with

And also, what’s up with the last song by Taylor Swift?  Back to December sounds like it wants to be the first countremo song (that would be emo country in case you were wondering):

In the spirit of full disclosure – I kind of like both songs I don’t really give a ten-gallon hat.