InASense, Lost… Is The Next Big Thing? Really?

To begin, anyone remember Google Wave?  It was the giant’s attempt to get a foothold on the social networking scene, and it was one huge misstep*.

Welcome to the latest entry in the monkey house…

Their website. Dramatically lacking an array of color.

The concept is simple in the evolution of the scene.

  1. MySpace rips off Friendster.
  2. Facebook perfects MySpace.
  3. Twitter pares down Facebook.
  4. Color pares down Twitter and Facebook.

It’s just pictures.  Flickr for the instant mobile set.  (Should have been called Blinkr.)

Here’s the founder of Color discussing it, I guess (I didn’t even watch it):

So the question that remains – am I going to install the app on my iPhone?  Probably.  Seeing as how I dragged my feet on theTwitter thing years ago, and I eventually signed up.  Top that with the fact that I recently (finally) setup a Facebook account (accidentally if you believe me), there’s no stopping me now.

…I’ll let you know how it is as soon as WordPress figures out a way for me to promote this blog on it.