Drunken Recollection… They Sure Don’t Make Cartoons Like They Used To (Plus My Opinion On Donald Duck Finally Revealed!)

This seemed to come out nowhere, as opposed to the alcohol that kept being provided by the prompt wait staff.

We had finished a soccer game.  We were playing music trivia.  And this old Walt Disney cartoon popped in my head.  My friends remembered it, and we laughed about how it could never get made these days… not in the slightest.  (Well, maybe in the slightest.)

Watch and revel at a child’s cartoon from 1949:

What I think surprises me the most is what a dick Donald Duck used to be.

Was he always that way?  Yes. Yes. And oh god no, yes.

That’s probably why he was my favorite Disney character…


  1. Mike · August 21, 2010

    I like how one of them tries the old quarter-on-a-string bit when putting the money in the bank and Donald just cuts the string as if to say “I invented that gag, son!”

    I loved Tiny Toons and I never saw that clip. (I still haven’t, YouTube took it down) What hypocrites. They show old Looney Toons were people get wasted all the time.

  2. sgottahurt · August 21, 2010

    Actually, the Tiny Toons video was not taken down… You just have to go to YouTube to watch it:

  3. Jeremy H · August 25, 2010

    Have you ever seen this ‘winner’?

  4. omawarisan · August 26, 2010

    That abusive bastard!

  5. sgottahurt · August 27, 2010

    Ho. Lee. Cr. Ap!

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