JusWondering… Why Do I Look So Angry?

…especially while playing Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters at Disneyland?

Reasons why I’m JusWondering:

  • I did get the highest score in my family.

258,000 points vs. 48,000 points vs. 10,000 points…

  • I was on a children’s ride.
  • I was playing a game.
  • Perhaps…

…perhaps it was because I was riding solo.

  • (I think it was because I was concentrating on my HIGH SCORE OF 258,000 POINTS!)

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So, Duh! Pop Quiz… License Plates Edition

I’m on the road a lot for my job, and I’ve seen more than my fair share of stupid personalized license plates.  There are even a few in the parking lot of my office that are idiotic!

So for today’s So, Duh! Pop Quiz, I figured I’d look up a couple celebrities’ personalized license plates, and see if you could figure out whom they belonged to.  Good luck!

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Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? Vinylmation, Meet Kidrobot

While in Caleeforneeuh (that was my Governator impersonation), of course I had to visit the Disneyland and Caleeforneeuh Adventure Theme Parks.

While there, we happened upon a new Disney merchandising gimmick entitled… Vinylmation.

A taste:

Not to be confused with the Divinyls and "touching one's self"...

I should clarify this… it was I that was unfamiliar with the products.  My mother had already known about them and happened to purchase two earlier this year.  They were the display image on her phone, and I had no idea what they were until finding these at the park.  Mystery solved.

(SIDENOTE: It should also be known that my entire family is very Disney-fied. So much to the point that my brother knows – and swears by this fact – that the best gummy candies in the world are found in Disney theme parks.  He feels the same about their chocolate-covered pretzels, too.)

(SIDENOTE ADDENDUM: I’d have to agree about the gummy candy.  My brother thinks it’s because they use sugar from beets.)

Anyzip-a-dee-doo-dah, upon spying these Vinylmations, I immediately thought of these:

These are Ye Olde English Dunnies (I don't know if I should have pluralized it).

Kidrobot makes (or distributes) these painted vinyl rabbits, each called a Dunny (like I said, I don’t know if I can pluralize it).

Did The House of The Mouse rip it off?

Is it a Coinkydink or a Coinkydonk?

No, I really want to know.

Actually, I probably don’t care.


The only reason I know about Kidrobot is because of these:

Yes. These were sold by Taco Bell.

The conspiracy about the BellHedz can be read here.  Or you can read what (little) I had to say about them here.

A Handful Of… Songs I Haven’t Heard In A While

This post begins a series of what should mostly reflect my recent trip to California.  My brother moved out there; I used to live out there.  I wouldn’t say that I missed being out there, so I’ll type it: I missed being out there.

For one, I love my 89x here in Michigan.  Well actually, Canada.  While out there, I forgot how much I enjoyed KROQ, and I was glad to find that its playlist hadn’t really changed.

Here are A Handful Of songs I haven’t heard in a while that I heard there:

  • Bad Religion’s Infected
  • White Town’s Your Woman
  • Stabbing Westward’s Save Yourself
  • Sneaker Pimps’ 6 Underground
  • Ming Tea’s BBC

(Okay… that last one I heard while at Universal Studios.)

Drunken Recollection… An Incendiary Idea To Combat Incendiary Ideas

Travelling by plane used to be fun.  Well, I still enjoy it, but it used to be more fun.  (I really, really hate taking off my shoes.)

But all the increased security does, in my opinion, is increase frustration.  So one day while I was drinking, I was thinking:

If the authorities are looking for religious zealots, why not single them out by showing offensive posters?

I mean, if someone is that religious that they’re willing to blow themselves up for their beliefs, their reaction to a questionable image would definitely be a tell, right?

Take for instance, this poster:

I know, right?  And how about this particularly nasty one:

Well that should be enough to give you a good idea of what I’m talking about.  Now excuse me… after making those, I’ve got some vomiting to do.

No, it’s not from making those pictures…

…it’s from drinking!

InASense, Lost.. The Flintstones Made A Dick Joke?!

This clip comes from Asylum’s list of the Dirtiest Sexual Innuendos in Children’s Cartoons, but I have to put it here because it sort of shocked me.

I know the show originally aired in prime time, but I don’t even think The Simpsons would try what The Flintstones pulled here

– and no, that’s not an innuendo.

Just Sh–ty To The Sh–… When Life Gives You Mormons, Make (Sorta) Porn!

I don’t think it’s particular to Mormons, but maybe adhering to its rules (beliefs?) (doctrines?) (bat-shit crazy guidelines?) is strictly Mormon.  A guy that couldn’t look at porn devised a work around dubbed bubbling.  Basically, it’s an optical illusion – and a fair effective one.

But I prefer the old Catholic way… look at real porn and feel guilty about it.

One last side prayer:

Please let these girls be legal.

(More images here)

Awful Battle… Not All Candy Is Dandy

Halloween is spookily and creepily and horrifically upon us.  Boo!

Well, at least it has been ever since they pulled all the Back-to-School displays at your local Target a month ago and threw up the orange and black.  So while speaking of “throwing up,” I figured an Awful Battle featuring terrible candy would be frighteningly appropriate!

  • Candy Buttons

Who likes their sugar droppings with a bit of paper?  Perhaps the same people who thought biodegradable gum wrappers were meant for eating.

"Candy Buttons" sounds like a cute porn star name.

  • Orange and Black Taffy(?)

I don’t know what this candy really is, but it was cheap to give out  so I used to get plenty when out trick-or-treating.  I’d much prefer Smarties, thank you.

What were these called? Cheapies? Dummies?

  • Bit-O-Honey

Honey is not candy.  Not now.  Not ever.  Well maybe in the 20’s…

My grandma always had Bit-O-Honey, and I always ate them. Butterscotch, too.

  • Circus Peanuts

Orange marshmallows pressed into peanuts may sound like a win at the circus, but in the real world, normal men do put on face paint and cram into Mini Coopers (that often).  Draw your own conclusions.

I once dared my brother to pack a ton of these into his mouth when he was a kid. Wasn't one of my tougher dares, but the results were funny.

  • Wax Lips

I don’t know how many times I tried chewing on these like they were gum, but they were not gum.  Wax is not gum no matter what anyone tells you!

Not gum!

  • Boston Baked Beans

I don’t think I could even eat these if I was the middle word.

Beans, beans, they're good for nothing.

  • Almond Joy / Mounds

Not a fan of coconut.  That will probably never change, even if I ended up on Survivor.  But if my alternative was rat meat…

Sometimes you feel like a nut, because frankly, you're nuts.

  • Tootsie Fruit Rolls

A perfect example of “if it’s not broke, don’t give it a fruit flavor when chocolate is perfectly fine.”

I have heard the vanilla flavor is pretty good, though.

  • Apple-Flavored Jolly Ranchers

I like Jolly Ranchers otherwise.  This adverse reaction to one particular flavor probably deals with the fact we had an apple tree when I was a child, and I hated picking up the fallen, rotten, worm-invested symbols of the Fall of Man.  Mjusayin’.

I don't like apple juice, candy apples, applesauce, apple fritters, apple cider, nor Apl.De.Ap.

  • Runts Bananas

Why are there so many bananas in a bag or box of Runts?!  And why are they so hard?!

Case closed.

Very Happy Find… Detroit Lives (It’s “Lives” Like “Frankenstein Lives!” And Not “Lives” Like “Days Of Our Lives”)

What do you get when you mix this:

With this:

And this?

A great little documentary about my craptastic home town of Detroit, that’s what.  Thanks Palladium Boots and Johnny Knoxville!  (And everyone else in the video!)  You dun good!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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In My Brain While Sleeping… Virtual Boy 3D

‘Memba Nintendo VirtualBoy?

It virtually sucked. Or was this a time I could have used the word, literally?

Well, I had a dream in which there was a new game system in town – the VirtualBoy 3D!

It looked like the equipment above, except the controller was wireless, and the hard ware broke into two pieces in order to do this:

Talk about "table tennis"...

In case you don’t know what this is, and the above image falls into my category of (Not So) Artistic Representations, each half  projected the image that created the 3D game play… pretty neat, eh?

What could be even better than that?  How about the video game I dreamed about another day…

It was a game in which the major baddies throughout history are gathered by an evil time traveler, and your character is picked up by another guy from the future that’s already built a team composed of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt.  I was planning on making a cover for the game, which was entitled Past President Future, but the above image took too long, and now I’m bored.

…I wish I would have made the game cover first…