Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? Fantasy Football Is Pokémon Is Fantasy Football

I choose you, Pikacheerleader!

I’ve gotten into way too many arguments about this lately, so I decided to end the battle here once and all.

I say:


My friends say:

But it is different!  There’s gambling involved!

Well, kids use to gamble their pogs, but that doesn’t make pogs fantasy football.   So allow me to further illustrate the Coinkydinks (or Coinkydonks)…

  • Each competitor chooses their combatants.

Whether it’s Squirtle or Tom Brady, I see no difference here.

  • Each combatant falls into different categories.

Using the two examples from above, you need water-types and quarterbacks, fire-types and tight ends, electric-types and wide receivers… you see where I’m going here.

  • Each competitor sets up their combatants based upon statistics to battle other competitors.

‘Nuff said.

  • Some combatants are ranked higher than others, and competitors go to great lengths to get them.

Chris Johnson was the #1 draft pick in fantasy football this year; when I used to play Pokémon, MewTwo was the bee’s knees.

  • Plus, how much of a difference is there between these:

And these:

  • Oh, yeah… and then there’s that whole fantasy aspect…

(I didn’t know enough about Dungeons & Dragons to make that comparison, but this guy did.)