So, Duh! Pop Quiz… Celebrity Anagram Edition (With Pictures!)

Wordplay is one of my favorite things, and anagrams are no exception.

Photoshop is also one of my favorite things, so today I decided to bring them together in a So, Duh! Pop Quiz.

If you don’t know what an anagram is, it’s when you take the existing letters of a word or phrase and mix them up into something else:

DO ZIP QUO PUSH is a (terrible) anagram of SO DUH POP QUIZ

Your job is to figure out which celebrity’s name is each anagram.  The visual aids are purely for my enjoyment.  Good luck!


Radish for Ron


Cable Kink Tease

3) NOTE: Sadly, I did not get to make a picture for this one, but it makes for a nice pun.

Alibi Worn Slim


Arab Cab Amok


Fax Gnome

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