Drunken Recollection… How This Happened I’ll Never Know

As I mentioned in the title… how this happened, I’ll never know.  And besides that, I wish it was a much more exciting mixup than what it is.

Now please keep in mind – this conversation happened extremely late into an evening of drinking, but for some reason, this song was brought up:

  • Amy Grant’s That’s What Love is For

And for some reason, there was a great confusion between that song and this one:

  • Vanessa Williams and Brian McKnight’s Love Is

The mental state was so deteriorated that night, it was believed for a considerable amount of the discussion that they might have even been remakes of each other.  At times, they even sounded the same.

Like I said, the brews were bruising synapses that night.

Confusing those two songs (although their titles are similar) was almost as bad as confusing these two songs (which have a similar back beat):

  • The Beach Boys’ Kokomo
  • Sade’s Smooth Operator