A Handful Of… Songs I Haven’t Heard In A While

This post begins a series of what should mostly reflect my recent trip to California.  My brother moved out there; I used to live out there.  I wouldn’t say that I missed being out there, so I’ll type it: I missed being out there.

For one, I love my 89x here in Michigan.  Well actually, Canada.  While out there, I forgot how much I enjoyed KROQ, and I was glad to find that its playlist hadn’t really changed.

Here are A Handful Of songs I haven’t heard in a while that I heard there:

  • Bad Religion’s Infected
  • White Town’s Your Woman
  • Stabbing Westward’s Save Yourself
  • Sneaker Pimps’ 6 Underground
  • Ming Tea’s BBC

(Okay… that last one I heard while at Universal Studios.)