Awful Battle… Gifts That Tell Her How You Really Feel

Don’t know what to get that special lady in your life?  (And I’m not talking about your mom.)  Then look no further than these brilliant Awful Battle ideas!

First up – when costume jewelry is just too cheap and gaudy, then it’s time to upgrade to Charmed Memories from Kay Jewelers:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If bejeweled scrap metal doesn’t quite carry the weight you’d hope (and they do look heavy), howzabout you help her hide the weight with Kymaro Body Shapers:

(SIDENOTE: Don’t you think this simulation is pushing it?)


body shaper

This reminds me of Arnie and DeVito in "Twins" for some reason.


This last idea might not just be for the ladies.  It’s the Trojan’s Tri-Phoria vibrator, and… well, just watch and witness the groom’s unfettered excitement (at the 52 second mark):

And for the record, what does Tri-Phoria have to do with euphoria?  It’s not Deux-Phoria or Two-Phoria…

If I was in charge, I would have figured out a way to make it a quadruple vibrator (as opposed to a triple vibrator, however that works), and called it the – wait for it…


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