Awesome Battle… To Be Queen Of The Nerds!

This… was inevitable.

Natalie Portman has held her lofty position as Queen of the Nerds for a considerable amount of time, but be aware that Olivia Wilde is not merely standing by, waiting on the sidelines.

Whereas Ms. Portman garnered our nerds attention with her portrayal of Padmé Amidala (the original queen) in the Star Wars prequels, Ms. Wilde is picking up steam by portraying an isomorphic algorithm named Quorra (true story) in Tron: Legacy.

Let the Awesome Battle begin!

Both film series are fanboy favorites, and their female leads looked remarkable in them.  But a long-awaited prequel trilogy and a belated sequel does not a battle make.

Ms. Portman followed up her Darth Vader-inspiring role with one from an underground comic book: V for Vendetta.

Ms. Wilde will be following up her Sam Flynn-inspiring role with one from an underground comic book: Cowboys & Aliens.

Ms. Portman then wasted a few years to become an Actor! It worked, because she’s getting a lot of award attention for her work in Black Swan.  But in this time, her geekdom luster has lost its shine, and opened the path for Ms. Wilde to take her throne.

On the slate for each actress:

  • Ms. Wilde – an ensemble comedy about butter-carving competitions called Butter
  • Ms. Portman – an ensemble comedy about wizards and dragons called Your Highness
  • Ms. Wilde – a sci-fi adventure written and directed by Gattaca’s Andrew Niccol called Now
  • Ms. Portman – a rom-com directed by the once great Ivan Reitman and starring, ugh, Ashton Kutcher called No Strings Attached

Luckily for Ms. Portman. she’ll be in next summer’s big-screen treatment of the Marvel Comic, Thor, but Ms. Wilde is set to star in a new body-switching movie called The Change-Up, co-starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman, whom are also dork heroes.

In closing, I’ll share a comedy bit each of them made, and I’ll let you search for their nude scenes.  This is a classy blog, folks, not an assy one.

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