JusWondering… What’s The Most Impersonal Seasons Greetings Possible?

Merry Mass Texting!

Merry Mass Texting!

So far this year, I’ve received four Christmas cards.  You should know that I don’t send any out, but it hasn’t stopped people from sending them to me in the past.  And it’s not that I’m hoping for them, or judging anyone for sending or not sending me one.  I’m only bringing this up because I received more text messages this Christmas than other years (only ten so far… and maybe counting).

I wonder if the economy has anything to do with it.  Or simply it’s a reflection of my Yulitude.  But they’ve all been pretty much the same old…

Merry Christmas!

…which is no doubt a mass texting.  Again, I’m not knocking the fact that people are thinking about me when they’re going through their phone list (or address book in regard to the carders), it’s just that my sentimentality begins and ends with “It’s a Wonderful Life!”

At least with text messaging vs. cards, I can appear thoughtful with the forwarded response…

Same to u!

…but again, it feels lacking and tacky.  Maybe next year, I’ll try to be the one wishing all a Merry Christmas first, and see how many responses I get.  (I’ll have to make sure my phone plan allows for that many responses.)  I’m already thinking about the shorthand text I could send.  Perhaps…

Merry xmas!


Mry xms!

…or simply…


…can do the trick. 

Man, now I can’t wait for next x!


  1. gettheconcept · December 25, 2008

    Just in case I forget …HNY.
    Hmm. Potentially dangerous, depending on the interpretation.

  2. unexpectedthankyou · December 30, 2008

    i don’t like getting text holiday greetings. It seems to lack a bit of effort. Personalization and effort will give you a lasting impression.

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