Drunken Recollection… Garfield And Lil Wayne Really Like Lasagna

They also hate Mondays (but they do love themselves).

Again, this is a song that’s been out for a long time, but I only recently listened to Lil Wayne’s 6’7′ enough to hear this lyric:

Real Gs move in silence like lasagna…

I was drinking heavily at the time, so my bemusement over such a strange lyric was definitely intensified.  There’s plenty of “controversy” over whether the G in lasagna really is silent, amongst other things, but I find rhyming lasagna with behind ya and kinda to be kinda lazy… another thing Garfield and Lil Wayne have in common.

(SIDENOTE: It’s only fair to admit that at least he’s not making up words to rhyme.)

What I posit to question is why not choose any of these other words with real silent G’s:

  • campaign
  • design
  • diaphragm
  • foreigner
  • gnat
  • gnaw
  • gnome
  • reign
  • resign
  • sign

What I propose to attempt is my own rap using the above words… *clears throat*

Imma design a campaign to send pain yo way
To gnaw at you raw till you fall like Bin Lay-
Den you can roam the globe like some gnome with no home
Foreign lands full of gnats and king’s coal and no comb
By the size of your sighs, diaphragm’s showin’ signs
Your reign will stop raining, you’re not Shaq – you resigned

I don’t know where that “anger” came from… *bows*

Oh wait, I forgot this line: Real Gs move in silence like bologna

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