In Defense Of… The Twilight Series

The best part of the Twilight series is that it’s closer to being over.  Just like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the final book in the series will be split into two films, Breaking Dawn, Part 1:

They were "thisclose" to going with Breaking Wind.

And of course, Breaking Dawn, Part 2.  (SIDENOTE: If this wasn’t a post In Defense Of the films, I might have added that I needed to spell that out to the fans, but it is, so I won’t.)

Anyedward, to stand up for this pop culture phenomenon, I could use writer/director Kevin Smith’s logic:

But I’m going to go with anti-logic instead.  (SIDENOTE: Again, if this wasn’t a post In Defense Of the films… well, you know.)

My big defense is at least it’s not this film:

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