Worth 1002 Words… This Couldn’t Have Been The Real Poster?* Edition

Boldly Gone

Some alternates:

  • Whale Tale
  • Captain Quirk
  • Vulcan Frisco
  • Set Gay-zers…
  • …To Stunning!

*Yes, it was one of the posters for the fourth Star Trek film.

Awesome Battle… M.C. Esher And Zach Braff Vs. Dream House!

Being a man of few words (especially when I’m behind on posts), I’m going to let these two posters go toe-to-toe with the works they were liberally borrowed from inspired by.

  • Dream House

Analysis: cool perspective illusion, not your typical "floating head" poster

  • M.C. Esher

Analysis: cool perspective illusion, not your typical "stairs that go to nowhere" drawing

  • Dream House

Analysis: strange, unsettling effect, terrible dresses & wallpaper

  • Zach Braff

Analysis: strange, unsettling effect, terrible wallpaper... nice shirt

In Defense Of… The Twilight Series

The best part of the Twilight series is that it’s closer to being over.  Just like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the final book in the series will be split into two films, Breaking Dawn, Part 1:

They were "thisclose" to going with Breaking Wind.

And of course, Breaking Dawn, Part 2.  (SIDENOTE: If this wasn’t a post In Defense Of the films, I might have added that I needed to spell that out to the fans, but it is, so I won’t.)

Anyedward, to stand up for this pop culture phenomenon, I could use writer/director Kevin Smith’s logic:

But I’m going to go with anti-logic instead.  (SIDENOTE: Again, if this wasn’t a post In Defense Of the films… well, you know.)

My big defense is at least it’s not this film:

JusWondering… Do We Need 9, Nine, And District 9 When We Already Had The Nines?

I’m well aware that there’s been much ballyhoo about the fact that we’ll see a few movies this year that all have to deal with the Roman Numeral IX.  There’s three – count ’em, three – similarly named, though completely different, films:

And for the record, we already had a Ryan Reynolds flick (as if he’s a genre) two years ago that was called The Nines

What is it about understated titles that these filmmakers and producers find so appealing?  Does it save on toner?  Why couldn’t they have used different numbers, or even letters for that matter?  There are a lot of numbers and letters ripe for the plucking.

In the spirit of beating a dead horse, why don’t we take a look at a gallery of movie posters that kept the titles simple for the hearts and minds and marquee changers of America:

(IN CASE YOU DIDN’T NOTICE: Steven Spielberg has directed three of the above.)