Happy Finds… And One Not-So-Happy Find

Ever see your grandma naked?

I could have went with many other options to that image (list after the jump), but I merely mentioned it as a lead in to introduce the website…


Here’s an example:

Not a common image on the site, but one that cracked me up (a true LOL).

Another coolish thing to check out is no doubt inspired by the creepy and awesome Garfield Minus Garfield.  It’s called…


Here’s an example:

A common image on the site... especially since new ones haven't been added.

Another site that hasn’t been updated in a while includes this image:

(click the pic for the site)

And then I just love this commercial… particularly the part about tacos:

Other things you cannot unsee:

  • your pet dog humping your pillow
  • your sibling making out with your best friend, tongues and everything!
  • 2 Girls, 1 Cup and its copycats… I’ll spare you these
  • a dangling booger in someone’s nose you were attracted to
  • the LOST finale
  • all right, I’ll say it – your parents knocking boots (after having sex outdoors in inclimate weather)
  • BellyButtonBuffet.com
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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