Musical Musings… This Song Is Quite Dreadful So I Thought I’d Share

Far be it for me to claim that I’m above listening to the Love Song station on Sirius XM, so here’s me claiming I’m well below.

Today, I heard this tune from 1968 by Bobby Goldsboro (?) called Honey, and in many ways, it’s simply terrible.

First, I’ve always found that songs about… well, let me make you listen to it first:

How misogynistic can this song be?  He laughs at her crying, he laughs at her dreaming, he laughs at her almost hurting her herself… he even calls her “kinda dumb.”  And as for the twist ending?  She’s dead?!  Like I was about to say before the video, I never understood the trend of dead teenager songs in the 60’s, but this one has the special distinction of once being called the worst song of all time.

I probably wouldn’t go that far.  These two current songs are pretty bad, too.

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