Happy Finds… Overdue Shout Outs To Some Nerd Sites

They might not update that often, but these are a few sites i enjoy checking up on from time to time.


You want toys!

Then head on over to Weirdo Toys to find the likes of this!

Once upon a time, also found in my basement.


You want cartoons!

Then allow me to present Worst Cartoons Ever!

Azula (from "Avatar: The Last Airbender") was picked the best villain after The Joker (from "Batman")... I can't complain about that.


You want comics!

Well if you want comics (and TV and movies), then look no further than Atomic Gadfly!

Currently, there's a very interesting article about Don Glover's bid to play Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man reboot.

The final nerd site I’d like to recommend… this one!


  1. Mike · June 9, 2010

    Bookmarked some of these sites. After reading a few posts, I found that I like the cut of their respective jibs.
    Agreed that the Joker should be number and kind of excited Megabyte made it on there. I watched Beast Wars but I don’t remember Megatron doing anything out of the ordinary that would put him on this list.

    As far as Don Glover goes, I’d love to see him as Spider-Man. I’m sure it would be better than Tobey Maguire. Tobey always have Peter Parker down, but the wise cracks as Spidey always were lacking.

    This Spidey topic influenced my dreams last night. I dreamt that I was watching a sneak peek of Spiderman 4. The opening was all in black, white, and red. (look pretty cool) Then it focused on Peter Parker and his professor conducting experiments into the Goulies attacked and killed his professor. Spidey then angrily beat them up. Fin.

  2. sgottahurt · June 10, 2010

    Ghoulies? As in these guys?

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