JusWondering… Is It Better To Be First Or Last?

Will Ferrell would be the first to tell you, "Dunking is the last thing I'll try again."

This will be a simple study.  I’ll play it as a game of percentages whether a film is good or not, based upon reviews via Rotten Tomatoes.  Then I’ll make up some way to decide which is better – to be first… or last?

Let’s start with the “firsts,” first…

  • First Daughter – bad at 9%
  • First Sunday – bad at 14%
  • At First Sight – bad at 34%
  • The First Wives Club – bad at 42%
  • 50 First Dates – bad at 44%
  • First Knight – bad at 44%
  • Murder in the First – bad at 52%
  • First Blood – good at 86%
  • Star Trek: First Contact – good at 92%

Two out of nine films were considered good.  That means 22% of titles that include the word “first” are good.  One in about five is not a blue ribbon winner.

Maybe this kind of blue ribbon.

Last but not lease, here a the “lasts”…

  • I Know What You Did Last Summer – bad at 34%
  • The Last Action Hero – bad at 39%
  • The Last House on the Left (remake) – bad at 42%
  • The Last Boy Scout – bad at 43%
  • The Last Unicorn – bad at 50%
  • The Last Castle – bad at 52%
  • Save the Last Dance – bad at 53%
  • X-Men: The Last Stand – bad at 57%
  • The Last House on the Left (original) – good at 63%
  • The Last Samurai – good at 65%
  • The Last Station – good at 71%
  • The Last Temptation of Christ – good at 83%
  • The Last King of Scotland – good at 87%
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – good at 89%
  • The Last Emperor – good at 91%
  • The Last of the Mohicans– good at 97%
  • The Last Picture Show – good at 100%
  • Last Night – N/A
  • The Last Airbender – N/A

Nine of seventeen films that have been reviewed (Last Night and The Last Airbender aren’t out yet) were given good reviews.  This means that a little more than every other movie using “last” in the title (53% of them) are bound to be good.

So to answer the question nobody was asking but me, my new script called Last of the Firsts has a 75% chance at being good! Or does that mean it has a 125% chance of being bad?

No matter what, it still has to be better than First Daughter

This is one of the worst posters I've ever seen.


  1. Mike · June 9, 2010

    Actually if you multiplied the fractions together (one fourth and on half), your script would have an eighth of a chance to be good. It least that’s how probability is calculated. :P

  2. sgottahurt · June 10, 2010

    I don’t believe in that kind of science!

  3. sgottahurt · July 1, 2010

    Oops… forgot The Last Mimzy, which at a 53% rating, it’s technically bad.

    But it’s nowhere near The Last Airbender’s 8% score, and that makes it good.


    Shyamalan you fucked up my Avatar!

  4. sgottahurt · July 7, 2010

    Oh, and The Last American Virgin gets a pass at 67%

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