JusWondering… “I Don’t Think That Is What You Think It Is”

If you didn’t know, in the daytime, I work as a travelling network administrator (I almost wrote newtwork, but I got better).  AnyWAN, I came across found this picture as someone’s background while out in the field:


I nearly lost it.  It couldn’t be?  It wouldn’t be?  It shouldn’t be.  This was in a doctor’s office on one of the laptops, and there’s no way any of the ladies working there were that subversive.

What’s the problem, you might be wondering (aside from the fact it’s fake)?  Ever hear of Goatse.cx (don’t worry… the link is to Wikipedia)?  Essentially, it’s the precursor to 2Girls1Cup (also Wikipedia).

According to Snopes, my hunch was correct.

Those ladies at the office didn’t know that was not a picture of God’s Hands.  But if it was God’s Hands, and the break in the clouds was some other part of God, I don’t ever want to be caught out in the rain ever again…




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