The Sh– To Just Sh–ty… USPS

Established in 1775 by Benjamin Franklin, the United States Postal Service was a necessity.  People wanted to get messages to each other, and due to the Great Falcon Shortage of 1772 and the Mass Page Suicide Pact of 1774, providing this service was a must.  Though many people who “know” history will “claim” the Great Falcon Shortage and Mass Page Suicide Pact never happened, this truth remains – the US Postal Service was The Shit.

"Get yer hope right hyere..."

"Get yer hope right hyere..."

 Think about it.  How else did people communicate?  By talking face-to-face and… um, by telling somebody else to send a message.

Sometimes they ring four times...

Sometimes they ring four times...

In our modern age, we forget how essential the USPS was to building our country, and I don’t want to go into specifics (mostly because I don’t feel like looking them up), but according to – who else – Wikipedia:

Employing 656,000 workers and 260,000 vehicles, it is the second-largest civilian employer in the United States (after Walmart) and the operator of the largest civilian vehicle fleet in the world.

So the question that remains – how have they become Just Shitty?

Is it a sense that they aren’t as vital to our country anymore, given that we have other methods of communication, bill paying, and package sending?

Or are my feelings strictly personal?  The USPS was afterall responsible for these deliveries:


Strike 1...


Strike 2...


  1. Eric Allison · September 23, 2009

    USPS can suck it. They refuse to deliver down my street, despite I can throw a rock at the post office from my porch.

    Because of this, they also refuse to deliver shipments, so I have to pick those up at the post office too. (during their shitty limited business hours of course).

    When I buy something online and they ship with USPS, I only hope the shipper doesn’t remove my PO Box (in addition to my physical address), otherwise USPS immediately sends it back. (Unknown customer they say).

  2. sgottahurt · September 23, 2009

    Thanks for stopping by, and sorry to hear that you have it worse than I!

  3. Venessa · September 24, 2009

    The rocket is now reading your blog too?!?!?

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