In My Brain While Sleeping… A Double Dose Of Sci-Fi, Not A Bit Of Sex

I often find myself debating the big questions of the universe.  The biggest? 

Am I a nerd, a dork, or a geek?

This pair of dreams that I had in one (count ’em, one!) night might mean the answer to the overhead head-banger is:

All of the above



"Why so blue...?"

Life was going on as normal, if you consider normal being tormented by a Blue Man (not of any particular Group, it seemed).  Determined to destroy my life – and possibly murder me – this Blue Man turned up everywhere.

Work.  Home.  Bars.  Family and friends’ homes.

I couldn’t escape his attacks (unfortunately, as it is with dreams, the details are a little fuzzy).  When I finally stood my ground and confronted him, he acknowledged that I passed his test.

As it turned out, he was an Omnipotent Immortal and indeed belonged to a Group of like-hued fellows.  Their numbers were diminishing, and all the hell I had went through was like a hazing process.

Long story short, I became a Blue Man and started tormenting my friends and family with all my new found powers…


I was standing in a dim room full of floating dust, dander bouncing and dancing in the narrow beams of sunlight.

A friend turned to me and said:

The entire Star Trek universe is in this room.  Like how that entire galaxy fit in a marble in the first Men in Black film…


I'm squishing your head, I mean, universe.

 Then he corrected himself:

Well, not the Delta Quadrant.  I didn’t really like Voyager that much.


I looked closely at the soaring particles, and this is what I saw.

 INGREDIENTS: Peanut butter on a bagel back in the mix.  Yeah yeah!