Musical Musings… Monkees Blog Monkees Do

"Hey, Hey..." is for horses...

"Hey, Hey..." is for horses...

This edition of Musical Musings is the beginning of something beautiful.  No, they’re not going to all be about The (phenomenal) Monkees (you/I wish).  Moving forward, I’m hoping and planning that they will be more coherent and thought-provoking than they’ve been, and much less pot-headed sounding (not that I was ever high when I wrote them… it’s simply reminiscent of my babble state, possibly brought on by my love of music and vast amounts of sugar-laced products).

AnyTheWho, here are some factoids (robotic-sounding facts that are in no way robotic) I just learned about The Monkees:

  • Glam rocker David Bowie was born David Robert Hayward-Jones and originally performed under the name Davy Jones.  Due to the rising popularity of the lead singer of this post’s headliner, he took the same last name as the Alamo hero, Jim Bowie, and his knife, which ironically shared the same name.
  • Michael Nesmith’s mother, Bette Nesmith Graham, invented Liquid Paper.  She originally called it Mistake Out; we mistakenly call it, White Out (which by the way looks like a horrible movie).
  • JazzSinger/songwriter Neil Diamond wrote four songs for them: “I’m a Believer,” “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You,” “Lookout, Here Comes Tomorrow,” and “Love to Love,” and not “Last Train to Clarksville” or “Daydream Believer” as previously thought (by me).
  • None of these factoids have anything to do with The Monkees specifically…

(thank you Helle1981Veness, and WendyLAnderson!)