So, Duh! Pop Quiz… Hot Golden Girls In Cleveland Math Edition

Hey!  It’s time for another So, Duh! Pop Quiz, and this time it’s involving everyone’s favorite subject… math!

It’s also involving another favorite subject of everyone… hot mature ladies!  (My hit count is bound to increase just due to those three words.)

TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland is this generation’s Golden Girls.  Both are composed of a crew of seasoned comediennes playing against the sexual mores of today, and boy girl… have times changed, at least in regard to how we view age.

There was no such thing as MILF in 1985.  Well, I’m sure there was, but people weren’t putting it on t-shirts and mugs.

What the quiz entails is guessing the age difference between each selected cast member of Golden Girls and Hot in Cleveland.  As always, the answers are after the jump.

dorothy zbornak victoria chase

1) Bea Arthur and Wendie Malick

sophia petrillo melanie moretti

2) Estelle Getty and Valerie Bertinelli

blanche devereaux joy scroggs

3) Rue McClanahan and Jane Leeves

rose nylund elka ostrovsky

4) Betty White and Betty White

(Like I already said, answers after the jump)

1) 3 YEARS

Bea Arthur was 63 when she portrayed Dorothy Zbornak in 1985 (5/13/22).  Wendie Malick started playing Victoria Chase when she was 60 (12/13/50).

2) 12 YEARS

We always knew Estelle Getty was much younger than her character, Sophia Petrillo.  Estelle was 62 in 1985 (7/25/23).  On the other hand, Valerie Bertinelli has always looked young for her age.  She started portraying Melanie Moretti at 50 (4/23/60).

3) 2 YEARS

Rue McClanhan played Blanche Devereaux as the most sex-crazed of the Golden bunch, at age 51 in 1985 (2/21/34).  Jane Leeves’ Joy Scroggs is as sex-crazed as the rest of her Hot roommates, at age 49 (4/18/61).

4) 25 YEARS

It’s been a quarter-century since Betty White played the dim but lovable Rose Nylund.  She was 63 in 1985, which means she made her sarcastic but lovable Elka Ostrovsky debut at 88 years young (1/17/22).

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