So, Duh! Pop Quiz… The Baxter Edition

Nice guys finish the second banana last.

There’s a little known movie by Michael Showalter (of The State and various other failed endeavors) called The Baxter, and according to the main character in the film, a Baxter is:

The nice, dull guy in a romantic comedy who is dumped at the end of the story for the protagonist.

This So, Duh! Pop Quiz is all about the Benjamins Baxters.  I’ll name several movies in which the Actors! were the dumpees, and you name the Actors! (HINT: One is an Actress!)

1)  Sommersby – Sleepless in Seattle – Malice – Lost Highway (kinda)

2) Hot Shots! – Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Liar Liar

3) The Notebook – Superman Returns – Enchanted – X-Men series (kinda)

4) The English Patient – Shakespeare in Love – Then She Found Me – The Accidental Husband – Mamma Mia!

5) In Love and War (kinda) – Forces of NaturePremonition (kinda) – All About Steve

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So, Duh! Pop Quiz… Song Sequels Edition

If movies can have sequels, why can’t songs?  After all, the film industry stole the idea of remakes from the music world (this is pure speculation).  And Aerosmith did create a song trilogy (Amazin’, Cryin’, and Crazy).

I don’t know who’s to blame for the concept of reboots…

Anywhoistoblameforsampling, here are a few songs that are follow-ups – see if you can guess the originals:

1) The Limousines’ Internet Killed the Video Star

2) Veruca Salt’s Volcano Girls

3) Rihanna and Eminem’s Love the Way You Lie (Part II)

4) Third Eye Blind’s Semi-Charmed Life

5) Peter Schilling’s Major Tom (Coming Home)

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So, Duh! Pop Quiz… Songs Written By Other Artists Edition

Battle of the Brands

I’ve been trying to figure out how to go about this edition of the So, Duh! Pop Quiz, so I decided to be graphic.

Graphic… in the sense I’m using pictures of both artists or groups that share a bond.  Namely, their bond is a song the one(s) on the left wrote and the one(s) on the right made famous.  In most of the cases, the one(s) on the left still made their own version, as it wasn’t initially intended to be for the one(s) on the right.

Get it?  Got it?  Gut it. Git-R-Done.

1) Neil Diamond and The Monkees

Forever in Blue Jeans (Not Leather or Knit Caps)

2) Rivers Cuomo of Weezer and Cold

So Dork and Brooding

3) Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson

Different Photographers? U B the Judge

4) Prince and Sinead O’Connor

They Could Be in a Sci-Fi Film

5) The Beatles and The Rolling Stones

Remember When Everything was Black and White?

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So, Duh! Pop Quiz… TV Show Diversity Edition

As Seen On TV

For this edition of the So, Duh! Pop Quiz, I’m going to list shows currently running on TV, and list the ratio of main characters that are “regular white folks” to those that are different (this would include other races, sexual persuasions, and capabilities).  The shows examined are:

    a) Community
    b) Glee
    c) Detroit 1-8-7
    d) 30 Rock
    e) The Office

The ratios are as follows:

  1. 9 to 6
  2. 5 to 5
  3. 15 to 4
  4. 7 to 6
  5. 6 to 5

I hope I didn’t miss anybody; I hope I didn’t misrepresent anybody either.  Good luck!

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So, Duh! Pop Quiz… Hot Golden Girls In Cleveland Math Edition

Hey!  It’s time for another So, Duh! Pop Quiz, and this time it’s involving everyone’s favorite subject… math!

It’s also involving another favorite subject of everyone… hot mature ladies!  (My hit count is bound to increase just due to those three words.)

TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland is this generation’s Golden Girls.  Both are composed of a crew of seasoned comediennes playing against the sexual mores of today, and boy girl… have times changed, at least in regard to how we view age.

There was no such thing as MILF in 1985.  Well, I’m sure there was, but people weren’t putting it on t-shirts and mugs.

What the quiz entails is guessing the age difference between each selected cast member of Golden Girls and Hot in Cleveland.  As always, the answers are after the jump.

dorothy zbornak victoria chase

1) Bea Arthur and Wendie Malick

sophia petrillo melanie moretti

2) Estelle Getty and Valerie Bertinelli

blanche devereaux joy scroggs

3) Rue McClanahan and Jane Leeves

rose nylund elka ostrovsky

4) Betty White and Betty White

(Like I already said, answers after the jump)

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So, Duh! Pop Quiz… Celebrity Name Offspring Edition

This is a (small) big clue.

This edition of the So, Duh! Pop Quiz shouldn’t be too difficult if you know people’s names and faces.  If you know just names, or just faces, face it – you won’t guess the names.

How this works is you’ll get a pairing of celebrities (or famous people… I don’t know if there’s a difference).

I won’t disclose either of their full names (if you need a clue, you can move your mouse over their picture).

One the pictured individuals’ two names will be the answer’s first name, and one of the other’s two names will be the answer’s last name.  Get it?  I think you’ll get it.





5) (this one needs a clue)

(Answers after the jump)

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So, Duh! Pop Quiz… Know Your Office Assistants

Oh, it's not about office assistants in general...

I hardly mention it because even I barely care, but I work in information technology, which really means, computers.  I’ve recently celebrated working here ten years. I’ve worked here for ten years.  Ten years.

…ten years…

So I thought, how can I share the joy that is my job with you, and this is it!

Microsoft’s Office Assistants are considered to be one of the worst things they’ve ever produced, and that’s a grand list!  See how many of these “characters” you can guess…

…ten… years…


    a) Clippit
    b) Clipster
    c) Asshole
    d) Mr. Clip


    a) The Dot
    b) Period
    c) Asshole
    d) Mr. Bounce


    a) Merlin
    b) Wizzie
    c) Asshole
    d) Mr. Magic


    a) Mother Earth
    b) Mama Gaia
    c) Asshole
    d) Mr. Planet


    a) Links
    b) Cat-Apostrophe
    c) Asshole
    d) Mr. Pussyfoot


    a) Rocky
    b) Barker
    c) Asshole
    d) Mr. Ruff

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