So, Duh! Pop Quiz… Songs Written By Other Artists Edition

Battle of the Brands

I’ve been trying to figure out how to go about this edition of the So, Duh! Pop Quiz, so I decided to be graphic.

Graphic… in the sense I’m using pictures of both artists or groups that share a bond.  Namely, their bond is a song the one(s) on the left wrote and the one(s) on the right made famous.  In most of the cases, the one(s) on the left still made their own version, as it wasn’t initially intended to be for the one(s) on the right.

Get it?  Got it?  Gut it. Git-R-Done.

1) Neil Diamond and The Monkees

Forever in Blue Jeans (Not Leather or Knit Caps)

2) Rivers Cuomo of Weezer and Cold

So Dork and Brooding

3) Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson

Different Photographers? U B the Judge

4) Prince and Sinead O’Connor

They Could Be in a Sci-Fi Film

5) The Beatles and The Rolling Stones

Remember When Everything was Black and White?

(Answers – and videos – after the jump)

1) I’m a Believer

2) Stupid Girl

3) Breakaway

4) Nothing Compares 2 U

5) I Wanna Be Your Man


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