Awful Battle… Discarded Titles For Justin Bieber Movie

There’s a reason I record everything on my DVR – I can’t stand commercials anymore.  Now in some cases, it leads me to discover the existence of new shows, such as Chris Elliott’s Eagleheart:

But in most cases, it reminds me that “Yes Virginia, crap does exist.”  Behold:

Let this be known – I tried so hard to block this film from my mind, but it’s found me, despite my best defenses… of a quick jump button on my DVR remote.

Ugh… there’s something I need to admit to all of you…

…um, how do I say this…

I entered a contest to name Justin Bieber’s movie.  I didn’t win, and I’m afraid I’m taking it out on the finished product.  Obviously, this won:

Here are my entries:

(I got close on this one.)

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