Awesome Battle… TV Show Destinations

TV is all about taking you to places you’ve never been, and these shows now make me want to go to these places.  Let’s go travel on this Awesome Battle

  • Mumbai, India

Featured in NBC’s Outsourced, the cast of colorful characters make the country’s capital quite appealing.  The most populous city in India (and the second most populous in the world) as a possible vacation destination?  Why not?  Besides, I hear they have great burgers.

  • Portland, Oregon

Featured in IFC’s Portlandia, the dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland.  So is the creepy statue above called Portlandia.  It’s the second-largest copper statue in America after the Statue of Liberty.  And it’s creepy.  Just imagine looking up at that.  Creepy.

  • Pawnee, Indiana

Featured in NBC’s Parks and Recreation, this fictional city is probably more appealing because it is fictional, but with such a well-intentioned Parks and Rec department, the clueless citizens would be sure to pay me to, say, start up a marching band or build a monorail.

  • Cleveland, Ohio

Featured in TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland, it’s a place not too different from where I’m from, but I’ve always figured I should visit there.  One day.  I’ll get there.  It seems nice.

  • Bar Karma

So okay, yeah… the picture is of Australian Cassie Howarth, and she can be found on Current TV’s Bar Karma.  Bar Karma is beyond the universe and at the center of it.  It’s The Twilight Zone within The Outer Limits.  Developed by The Sims’ creator Will Wright, the show allows its viewers to plot the series.  Plus, did I mention Cassie Howarth is there?


  • San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Featured on CBS’ Survivor: Redemption Island, it exemplifies the old saying:

Life’s a beach.

  • Detroit, Michigan

Featured in ABC’s Detroit 1-8-7, the city looks pretty nice.  But in reality, it’s like that old saying:

Life’s a bitch.