Happy Find… People Of Walmart

It's a little bit late for the condom.

It's a little bit late for the condom.

I’m a fan of Kurt Vonnegut’s works (I would declare huge fan, but I’ve read less than a handful of his books… oops!), but as I recall in Slaughterhouse-Five, there was a zoo on Tralfamadore that housed Earthlings.


If you want some fine specimen for your collection, search no further than any local Walmart.  If you require samples, check out the menagerie of folks (and their vehicles) at the website People Of Walmart.

And while you’re at Walmart, bathroom cleaning supplies are in aisle five… in case you wanna build a sex toy or something…

So it goes

Eye gotta hand it to ya...

A Tralfamadorian

(artwork by Animatedpunk)