In My Brain While Sleeping… Don Rickles And Garry Shandling’s Top-Secret Project

As usual, what the fuck is wrong with my subconscious?

In this particular dream, I met Don Rickles and after hanging out for a few drinks, he let me in on a top-secret project he was working on.  He told me that he and Garry Shandling had an upcoming talk show set to debut on FOX called “It’s Garry!”

It would take place in a boxing ring within a smoky environment, and there would be only two chairs facing each other, like Tom Snyder’s old Late Late Show.  Rickles would man the pull-down boom mike and would act as the trainer; Garry would portray different personalities for each interview, with names like Harry, Jerry, and Barry.

I guess it might look something like this:

It’s been a while since I’ve edited me some photos…

I would totally watch this show, and not just because I invented it without trying…

(SIDENOTE: Here’s Garry in his original uncomfortable environs…)

Oh the celebs he could get!

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