Detroit Fire Sale! (Wait, It’s Not Devil’s Night Yet)

In further celebration of Kwame’s lockup, I decided it was time to do some Detroit themed shopping.

First on the market – how about a new house?

I swear it's in the D

I swear it is in the DLocated in Detroit's Indian Village, it's going for just over $550,000 dollars. Don't have a half million? How about this fixer upper:Ah... that seems about right

It’s not quite $1 (this beaut’s going for $100).  If you still can’t gather the change and fall just a bit shy, you could always go with a nice “Made in Detroit” jacket, on sale NOW for $90…
I want one

I want one

…or if Jefferson didn’t quite make it into a Franklin, Detroit’s own Kid Rock has created a scholarship fund for music students going to Wayne State University (Motor City Rocks – but not the same way as Gary Busey R.O.C.K.S).  You can help out by picking up this shirt on sale for $18:
Wrinkles included

Wrinkles included

Okay then… I’m running out of deals.  Um, ah, this should do.  Who could pass this up?
A mugshot mug... genious!
A mugshot mug… genius!

Only $9.99 here.

Act now and get this bonus article from The Onion!

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