JusWondering And InASense, Lost… Could This Actually Taste Good, And F— You Up?

I sure loves me some chocolate milk.  It is pure delight, especially with Oreos and Chips Ahoy!

I also sure loves me some booze.  It is pure delight with Taco Bell and pizza!

But can the two work together?  This company sure thinks so…

Introducing Adult Chocolate Milk!

What do they mean re-taste?! I still drink chocolate milk!

With a 20% alcohol content, it better leave you feeling dairy effed up.  Too bad it’s only available in Arizona, California, and Minnesota currently, and it’s super expensive to ship.  Because I could really go for some booze and cookies…


  1. SG · November 11, 2010

    I may have a source in Minnesota who can bring some to MI

  2. sgottahurt · November 11, 2010

    That would be fantastic.

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