Hibbidy-Wah?! This Is Barely A Spoof

I recently learned you’re not supposed to eat more than 2000 calories a day.  Apparently, this is why there has been all the hoo-hah about calories for yearrrrssss

The only reason I bring this up is to illustrate the decreasing speed of my learning curve.  I already brought up a Saturday Night Live skit recently, but the mere fact that I was out of the loop (again!) is killing me!

I thought this fake commercial was inspired by the scare-tactic style of old Brinks Security commercials.  I thought Broadview Security was a clever, mock name (because they view broads, you see).  Check it out here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Hibbidy-Wah?! This Is Barely A Spoof“, posted with vodpod

Imagine my surprise when this was revealed to me (man, AJ is an a-hole!):

For other unintentionally funny scares, click each of the names below (FYI – the above vid is entitled “The House Party”… because he was a kid looking for play, I guess):

“The Ex”“First Date”“Backyard”“Treadmill”“New Home”“Wrong Door”


    1. Mandy\ · April 24, 2010

      First of all, calories are awesome, they are what bring joy to life. If I am going to die anyway, I am going to die fat and happy after enjoying pizza, beer and ice cream. I do not want to die after eating that low cal shitty tasting ranch with a bean burger…then I would have died with bad gas, offending those around me, and wishing I would have just said screw it and gotten the ice cream. Calories here I come!!!

    2. sgottahurt · April 26, 2010

      I like paying attention to calories… it makes me feel like a Tamagotchi!

    3. Mandy · April 26, 2010

      Ahh…the Tamagotchi, yes, I can see the resemblance to counting calories. I remember those days, not feeding yourself until you fed and played with your tamagotchi (ok, that just sounded really bad)…this thought does not need to go forward.

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