Happy Find… ChatRoulette – The Musical, Plus Bonus Alternative

These are already making the rounds (some might say they’re already done), but I enjoy them enough to post them again here.

If you’re unfamiliar with ChatRoulette by this point, welcome to my site.  I will be your Internet God (or as I’m prone to start saying, TripleDoubleU Pong).

Here are two clever fellows (one is unknown and now-known, and the other is well-known or sorta-known, at least).  First up is Merton, a Ben Folds fan that claims not to be ripping off Ben Folds:

And second up is Ben Folds paying homage to Merton (it’s all so meta… which is not to be confused with metal):

The chance of running into creative types like Merton and Ben Folds is slimmer than most of the masturbators you’ll come stumble across.  So as an alternative to perverts, how about an old-fashioned game of Russian roulette turned kiddie-proof:

"Guaranteed to make you wet!" - rejected slogan

One comment

  1. Michael · March 22, 2010

    Ben Folds Chat Roulette was awesome…I actually feel more relevant having watched it.

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