In My Brain While Sleeping… What Happens In Vegas, Stays Up In The Air

As it turned out, I could fly.  Normally, in dreams where I can fly, I have to flap my arms like wings.  This was the first dream I can recall where I willed my body into flight.

And I wasn’t alone.  There was a small troop of us that possessed this ability.

It was a little bit of this...

...mixed with the awe of this.

We lived in Las Vegas, and rather than use our abilities for the benefit of humanity, our leader – let’s call him Jimmy – devised a way for us to make some serious cash.

Rather than put on a garish stage production, Jimmy approached the big wigs that were opening a new casino, and he pitched a live interactive event.  He worked up plans that involved installing a pulley system throughout the casino that would be operated in the upper floors.

The concept – angelic beings (he would never call us actual angels) would fly around the casino, serving drinks, performing security, etc.

The big wigs bit, and our troop got the gig.  Millions upon millions of dollars were made, and us “angelic beings” were the talk of the town.

The scam was this – we may have had pulley cords tethered to us, but we pretty much flew around the casino wherever we wanted.  Nobody could understand our maneuverability, but that’s why people would spend big bucks to see us.

One day, as my friend – let’s call her Sapphron – and I were out at an expensive restaurant on the strip, a shiny green suited, big sunglasses wearing, fuzzy striped hat adorned man joined our table with his scantily clad female friend.  He bought us drinks and brought up our operation.

I thought he was really nice, but Sapphron caught on instantly.  He was simply a pimp trying to get his ho’s into our aerial act, as a new form of marketing.

By the point I believed Sapphron (apparently I was very naive), the pimp had already spent tons of money on us for the night, and he was asking to check out our facilities.  Sapphron and I obliged out of guilt for accepting all the food and drinks he bought that night, or out of fear for our lives.

We took him back to the casino to meet Jimmy.  We didn’t know what was going to happen.  As the two met, the tension in the room rose exponentially.  I looked at Sapphron, at the ho, at the pimp, then at Jimmy.  Then I woke up.

Sucks to leave an ending up in the air, eh?

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