So, Duh! Pop Quiz… Nerd Abbreviations Edition

What came first: the soda or the code?

Ladies and gentlemen – neither of which read this blog… it is my honor and duty (I wrote on-her and doody, heh heh) to present this new category: 

So, Duh! Pop Quiz

Today’s installment is a simple one (hence the So, Duh! aspect), and nothing like the query in the above photo. 

SIDENOTE: Slurm is a soda-ish beverage in the TV show Futurama, but it also stands for Simple Linux Utility Resource Management.  The episode originally aired in 1999; the open-source manager (whatever that means) was developed in 2003.  This could be fodder for a Coinkydink or Coinkydonk?  Probably not… 

AnyWHO, the following abbreviations (or acronyms if you want to be super-nerdy about it) have no hold on the real World Health Organization.  They may have a hold on the WOW, though… 

1). Which of the following was not a TV series in this sci-fi series: 

    a) TOS
    b) TAS
    c) TPM
    d) TNG

2). Which of the following animated series from the 80’s was never a movie: 

    a) MASK
    b) TMNT
    c) BTTF
    d) MOTU

3). ROTF is to MTMTE as TROC is to : 

    a) SPAM
    b) NCIS
    c) LARP
    d) ARAH

4). ROTK is to FOTR as ROTJ is to: 

    a) ANH
    b) TPM
    c) a case could be made for either a) or b)
    d) none of the above

5). What pairs have the most in common: 

    a) BSG and BTVS
    b) SMB and LOZ 
    c) AVP and HPATCOS
    d) MMPR and SGU


    Linux Penguin and Slurms McKenzie chillin’…

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