InASense, Lost… Smurfs Get Smurfed The Smurf Up!

If anyone is holding their breath for a live-action Smurfs film, keep holding your breath.  Not so much because the movie isn’t happening, but because we need to strengthen the gene pool.

That being said, next year marks the release of Avatar 2, er, I mean, The Smurfs, and this is sample CGI rendering of one:

You've seen one Smurf, you've seen one hundred...

It’s supposed to take place in New York’s Central Park (for some reason), and a live Actor! will portray Gargamel (although one would guess that Azrael would also be animated… you know, because a good cat Actor! is hard to come by these days).

Anyblue, the movie will most likely be horrible.  Unless – and this is bigger than three apples high “unless” – the film has a twist ending like this 2005 Belgium ad for UNICEF.  I don’t know if it’s supposed to make me happy or sad, but I willing to let you guess which emotion it elicits from me:

If you’re wondering what the last message’s translation happens to be, it’s this:

Don’t let war affect the lives of children.

Geez.  Thanks for taking all the fun out of the video Babel Fish.