Drunken Recollection… What Would My Detroit Soccer Team Be Called?

Whilst drinking, the mind tends to wander into the realm of good fortunes… and in this case, the good fortunes was a real fortune.  As in, What would I do if I won the lottery?

Of course this requires me purchasing a ticket,  but I do not take part in the “idiot tax” except maybe once a year.

My first expenditure – producing one of my, um, unproduced scripts (which would be all of them).

My second expenditure – a Major League Soccer team in Detroit.

So what teams have come before?  Well, there’s…

Detroit Wheels

So what name could I give my team?  What would fit in along with the Tigers and Lions?  The Beasts, perhaps?

Should it go along with something mechanical, like the Pistons, or mysterious (?) like the Red Wings?

Or howzabout I just name them after my soccer team?