All I Want For Christmas Is… Any Of These Toys (But Mostly MindFlex… Maybe)

I haven’t been this amazed since I’ve seen babies reading, but this MindFlex toy looks incredible.

Use your brain to move around a ball!  How could any kid not want this!  Well, that is unless it’s a scam

So if that idea doesn’t fly (ha!), how about some of these Cubedudes!  Who doesn’t love superheroes made out of Legos?

Something's fishy if Aquaman's included...

Oh.  They’re a personal project.  Thanks for getting my hopes up (Comics Alliance I’m looking at you)!  You surely wouldn’t screw me twice, because if I can’t have those, I’ll gladly take one of these:

The Rocketeer got the Feds and the Mafia to work together to fight Nazis... He's a certified hero!

Consarn it!

Okay, then just give me this… it’s available on most reputable retail sites…

I've never met a stripper named Carousel, though it seems like it could be possible.

 Oh.  It’s $250.  That’s about $230 over our spending limit.  Never mindflex.

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